Stress or Pregnancy?

I am 35 & over 2 weeks late.

I started a new career almost 5 months ago. The past few months have be a whirlwind of new things to learn, topical faces to meet & overall getting my foot wet. Plus, we're about to take busier in mid-May and I've been stressing over that. I enjoy also been given the responsibilitiy of processing payroll for our department. It's only 9 culture, but I was getting tweaked over that.

So now I'm over two weeks past due. I thought I ovulated (there was the usual discharge in my underwear.) And I go through my myriad of symptoms (crying, bloating, bitchiness, etc.) but nothing happened.

I've be having cramps & stomach aches surrounded by my upper & lower abdomen that could be from me getting over food poisoning. I have just been eating yogurt, toast, crackers and soup & it still doesn't be aware of better.

My nipples are sensitive, have been crying unevenly this past week & I haven't slept that great.

Could this be the start of perimenopause or something else?


Does this nouns close to vaginitis? How do I carry rid of it short seeing a doctor?

I think pregnancy is a well-mannered possibility. Take a home pg test.

Whats it approaching geting period?

If your periods own always been truthfully regular, you could probably rule perimenopause out.
It could be just stress and your period will eventually turn up, but it seem to be a bit long overdue.
When I fell pregnant(third unexpected, but loved child) I was overdue but thought it would be ok because I have PMS symptoms beforehand and I had also taken morning after pill correctly.
I think that near is a good chance you may be pregnant, I don`t know just bite the bullet & get a pregnancy trial to be sure?
Good luck :)

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