slow flashes.dizziness.nausea. fatigue. HELP!

does anyone know whats going on ? I usually get my period on the 20th and after every since spring its been getting later and following and then it seemed to settle around the 4th. but immediately its the 11th and i havent getting one and im experiencing hot flashes,diziness,nausea,fatigue,light headedness and im a virgin so pregnancy isnt an option.

Answers:    Have you be stressed out about anything? Either way you should really be in motion to doctor/FPC to have a chat with them going on for it..
you need to ask your doctor if you might have PCOS or INSULIN RESISTANCE since you hold regular periods they might be hesitant to examination you for it but push for it anyway Did you have these symptoms before going on the lexapro? If not consequently that can be the side effects from the lexapro. Go to the doctor to discuss these symptoms as they can be bothersome for some people..
If it's within you're first year it's class of normal for it to change. Just ask your gyno roughly the hot flashes. you may be going thru the "change" early you should get to the doctor right away.
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