Sign of Pregnancy?

Lately I have noticed that my breast touch a little bit more full...I'm 23 so I don't think they could enjoy just gotten bigger could they of? Anyways...They aren't really sore at all...Could this be a sign of pregancy?

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Asw you did not provide adequate info - it is difficult to tell if you are pregnant.
It is always adjectives to know some symptoms of the pregnancy which could appear in most cases (besides missed period):
1. Changes in you appetite,
2. Frequent urination,
3. Morning sickness (vomiting surrounded by the morning),
4. Tender breasts (sometimes painful breasts),
5. Increased vaginal discharges (sometimes),
6. Other unusual feelings close to sleepiness, restlessness, irritability, etc.
You can do also the pregnancy test. It is easy to buy contained by pharmacy.
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yep, but also pms.

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