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I love my husband very much and he is a wonderful man and lover. He always make me feel sexy and loved. My sex drive was amazing in the past I got pregnant. During both my pregnancies, I had no sex drive. Now 8 months following, I still have no sex drive. I don't even feel the have need of to pleasure myself. I asked my doctor during my last pregnancy if this is normal and her reply be that it ws normal and my sex drive would come back. So - I am high-and-dry beside the sex drive. Does anyone have any experience with this or enjoy any suggestions?

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Ok I think you need an answer from a womanly! Sorry guys, but women's sex drives often don't return for quite a while after childbirth.

You own a lot going on in your vivacity and I would bet the problem is more psychological than physical. (Well, its physical because you are tired all the time but I do't think pills will sustain you...) I think you might just involve to try the old "livening things up" bit -- however you want to interpret that. My son is three and I still get disinterested on a regular idea, but doing things like date nights really help.

If it worries you that much, you should talk to your doc again, but I wouldn't go the route of prescriptions or anything similar to that.

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I would go back to your doctor to remphasis your distress.

Not have sex will put a serious strain on your relationship, and YOU not wanting to have sex but doing it anyways just for your hubby isnt great for your relationship any.

you BOTH need to want it, then do it.

Atleast partially of the guy's enjoyment is directly from the female enjoy it, if your not into it it ruins it for us.

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You need to re-kindle your romance and not focus so much on the sex side of things. Try a candle lit dinner with some nice wine and music and consequently try having a bah together then a press with oils and conference. Go on to dirty talk to get respectively other in the mood. Then if you feel approaching it go on to sex or just cuddle or own oral sex. Good luck xx

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have your dr do a blood test to see what your progesterone smooth is at lately. that and testosterone are what give us ladies our sex drive. if it's low you will have no sex drive. they hold meds that bring it up quick. and they work.

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no never... guess thats b/c im not a woman. but maybe dance back to your dr. and tell him whats up and nought is improving.


I really agree with MCR FANs' answer. Trying to reignite intimacy is more influential than sex now. Her ideas be great.

You need to try to "date" again. Go out to dinner. Leave the kids at the grandparents house if you can. Or your sisters' house. Whatever. Make time for the two of you.

Role play. Go to a bar separately. Wear something sexy and pretend he is a total stranger and tolerate him pick you up. have him buy you drinks. Rub your thigh. Flirt!! Have him walk you to your coup¨¦. Make out like bandits at the saloon. In the car. Get the windows steamy. Leave your motor there and go near him to a hotel. Shower together. Have foreplay in the shower. Move the bed. Play Alicia Keys new CD contained by a cd player boom box you set up in the room before you get there. Romp all dark long. Have plenty of gatorade and power bars handy. If he needs for a time help from vitamin V(viagra) to recover quicker bring back a 'script.

You need to stay friends and lovers and not become just parents. My ex-wife and I lost the intimacy after our kids. we did not "date" anymore. I know it is knotty. You have to do it. DONT TRY. Notice I said ex-wife.

Check out: They sell cool, all the same sometimes pricey sex toys and furniture. It is very classy though. They also sell a investigational "stimulation" beverage that I have used and tried and LOVE. It is called: Fever Stimulation Beverage. You can find it at as capably. (They only sell it by the caase though. sell it by the bottle if you want to just try it first. Get one for each of you. It give me a warm all over thought and gives me an added sense of euphoria and sexuality. It is not an energy drink. I dont get rid of it or rep it in anyway. I tried it and love it.

You dont have to resort to porn or anything close to that either. There are some great erotic fiction books out there. Get one and read it yourself. It will stir imagery in your brain and get you going. Picture yourself within the story. Some of the stories are graphic. And touch on a range of subjects. Some kinky, approaching hair pulling and sex with a stranger on a subway coup¨¦. Others are as simple as a man leaving a note for his wife to find while he is away on a business trip. If you close to the stories, read one out loud to your husband and see where it go.

Good Luck. Best Wishes

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