Regarding fibroids?

Ladies, have any of you ever experienced gas, bloating and constipation in relation to have a uterine fibroid? I don't know if it could be connected. Last year I had an ultrasound that showed the start of one. I'm due for a follow-up with my OB/GYN surrounded by May. Lately I've been feeling unnatural. I'm constantly peeing as though I had a UTI(but don't have that) and enjoy gas and constipation plus an odd pressure "down there" along with twinge in my lower back. Pregnancy is unattainable and I don't have IBS so I don't know what to think. YES, I am going to the doctor but am only curious if my symptoms sounds familiar. I know it could possibly be something else

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Sounds like fibroid troubles to me. It'll be paid your uterus larger I believe, and press on your intestines. Hence the gas and constipation. Fibroids will make any regular menstrual cramps worse.

Hope that's a little kind, your doc will help explain things better.

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It could be something else but the fibroid probably has grown since ultimate year when you had the ultrasound & it's putting lots of pressure on your uterus, which is putting pressure on other organs. It's a possibility that more fibroids could be developing too.

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