Really desperate menstrual cramps?

well its that time of the month and i just woke up beside bad menstrual cramps. i really don't want to have this adjectives day... girls, what are the best things to do for them? please help in haste. thanks.

Answers:    Just take two paracetamols and it will thieve the pain off. If its still unpromising after that a hot bottle would help too. Hope it gets better!.
i own them too and i bet that mine are worst. what i do is i have a panadol, something hot to drink and a hot water bottle on my tummy. Have A really nice long soak contained by a bubble bath then hold a paracetamol and have a bit of chocolate, the chemicals in it will kind your feel good...x.
Advil, Exercise, Hot sea bottle, go back to bed.

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