Question roughly speaking Cervical Cancer?

I am 19 yr old female. I've never be to the Gynecologist and have only be "active" for a year. With urging from my Boyfriend, I am scheduling an appointment within the week. SCARED!! My boyfriend brought up that he heard some things something like Cervical Cancer. That when a woman has that that the doctors have to ... graze the area. I don't know if this is true and even he is not sure if he heard right. But is this true? I know that I'm not at illustrious risk now, but I never want to be that person that wait too long.

Also the preventative shot. Guardasil, would it still work for me already having begun individual "Active"?

Answers:    You need to get the pap smear first and own them do a STD panel and a HPV test on you. Then wait for the results.
you may not return with the guardasil shot until you are tested and negative for HPV.
HPV high risk can make happen cervical cancer and the low risk can cause genital warts.
It is said that around 80% of sexually helpful women have a brush with HPV whether its effortless like low risk and leaves the system on its own or more serious and cells grow beside high risk and becomes cervical cancer.
Simply conducting tests positive for HPV may not mean you will need treatment, at least possible not immediately. After a positive HPV test, your doctor may suggest close monitoring.
if they find unexpected cell growths in your cervix yes they treat it the following ways:
Watch and wait. Sometimes the cell change -- called cervical dysplasia, precancerous cell changes, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia -- will treat on their own.
Cryotherapy. This involves freezing the abnormal cells near liquid nitrogen.
Conization. This procedure, also known as a cone biopsy, removes the impressive areas.
LEEP or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure. The abnormal cells are removed next to a painless electrical current.
The goal is to remove all the exceptional cells and thus remove most or all of the cell with HPV.

Don't freak out until you have the doctor check you out. You have need of to be more responsible and get a pap smear every 12months. This is your health and adjectives you're putting in risk.
take supervision.
Please really look into the Gardasil vaccine, its far too new and no long term studies enjoy really been done regarding it. I'd never capture it if I were in the age gamut.

You should also get a pap smear BEFORE you have sex, especially if you plan on it, to ensure everything is within working order down below. And to get on birth control..
It's call a pap or smear test.

The Gardasil shot would be affective even if you're active. But it's a personal choice. I enjoy decided not to go through beside it. Because of all the bad side effects of the shot.

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