Question for girls?

I am a 21 yr old male, newly out of curiosity, what would you do if your bf or fiance took your pretty little toes and started licking them would you like it or no?

Answers:    i don't think i would relish that haha , but hey whatever floats your boat.
Well, some do, some don't. Just like everything else surrounded by life! EEEWWWW.
I would ask him what he was doing. Then probably try and move his facade away form my toes. Unless i likes how it felt next he could keep going.
i would, but it depends on the girl, and what kind of relationship you hold with her..
I would ask him what he was doing, and afterwards dump him. that is not normal eeewwww, to be exact absolutely wierd. I would dump the guy in a second..
im sorry but i would not close to it at all!
that's nasty!
and next ur going 2 kiss me
no way

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