Pregnancy. interval. stuff.?

okay. so me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom respectively time. however my period was 3 weeks delayed. so i took 3 preg. tests all saw negative, however i didnt completely trust them till i got my time last nightt. it was EXTREMELY feathery, and this morning i didnt even have anything on the tampon. is this just an hasty stage of pregnancy?? someone helpppp


Since pregnancy tests are designed to detect HGC and that is a pregnancy with the sole purpose hormone, it is unlikely that you are pregnant after taking 3 tests. As for your period human being light and finishing early, it could be stress related.Try to relax. Take a hoof it, exercising will cause your body to produce endorphins (your body's natural stress reliever). But hold on to in mind that when your stress level lowers, you may start your extent again. And last but not least, if it be implantation bleeding, it is likely that you would be having other symptoms of pregnancy as powerfully. Try to lower your stress level, if you are still worried in almost 2-3 more weeks, try taking another pregnancy test. This will give you the answer of whether or not you are have implantation bleeding right now. Good Luck!!

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It looks like you may not be pregnant, first of adjectives when your pregnant your urine will carry a special hormone and the pregnancy test will usually spot it if that consistent hormone is in your urine, and secondly you did start your period, and the with the sole purpose thing unusual may be the fact that you didn't verbs to finish with your period if you usually are on your period for 3 or 4 days this maybe a hormone inbalance, but you may requirement to go to a doctor and they will confirm if your pregnant by taking a blood test.

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It could be stress or verbs that is messing up your period. You should be OK Relax next to a nice hot bath and see if that helps. Stress used to result in me to miss a month altogether. Test again in a week and if it's still negative you should be OK

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They do yak of implantation bleeding , but you say you have used a condom, you should be fine if you took adjectives the neccesary precautions. I would test in a few daylight to be sure anyway.

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