Pregnancy assessment turned positive after ceiling?

I took a pregnancy test the other night, and after a second test when I woke up with first morning's urine. The check I had taken the night beforehand turned positive with a thin blue dash the next day, while the tryout I had taken in the morning turned positive a few hours latter. Are these valid or should I discard them? I am almost 2 weeks late with my time of year now and I'm usually on time resembling clockwork.

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You need to read the test in about 5 minutes of peeing on the stick. After that what you see are evaporation lines. Get a blood test after you'll know for sure.

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Take another test using a different brand. The tests usually aren't accurate after 10 to 15 minutes after they are taken and can modify from their original status. Take a third one. If it comes up negative, throw it away after reading it.

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If I be you I would get the Clear Blue Easy test, they are digital and do not hold the lines! The lines can be hard to see. Good Luck!

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u had two theory test and both are positive... so u r pregers..positive

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