Pregnancy Test?

Ive been on the pill for just over a month immediately. After posting on here a few times because of weird symptons i have be told to take a pregnancy test even though i own had my period concluding week. I had sex earlier today is it still ok to hold a pregnancy test or will the sperm effect it?

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Sperm will not affect the pregnancy test at adjectives so yes it is still ok to do one. If you have taken the pill as instructed then the chance is that you are not pregnant, the pill is just over 99% effective when taken properly.
It is still sensible to filch the test though just contained by case you are one of the tiny proportion of women who do get pregnant whilst taking the pill.

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if you have your period last week, you should be fine. if your paranoid , hold a test.

it sounds more like your still experiencing side effects from the pill.

also lately because your taking the pill, you shouldn't stop using condoms the pill is NOT 100% foolproof. - plus condoms protect you from sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancy.

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Ummm hun? If you had sex today, you won't know how to test tonight to find out you are pregnant. You need to hang around until you miss your period.

If you are on birth control and you are this paranoid about anyone pregnant, then maybe you shouldn't be have sex.

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The combined pill, taken accurately is 99.82% effective. No, of course semen have no effect at all on pregnancy tests!

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no it wont dont verbs.
its a hormone in your pee that triggers the yes or no..well i hope adjectives goes well
dutiful luck and take care

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