Pregnancy Test?

The 13th I ended my period, I have unprotected sex on the next day. We aren't too worried if I bring pregnant, but we aren't trying. He pulled out and after that it burned a little bit, and I have well-known this before when c*m comes in contact near me down there. Today I noticed I be having a red/brownish discharge when I wiped. I read that some associates have implantation bleeding about a week after. I know within is a possibility I can be pregnant but do I have to wait for a missed length before testing, or will it show up anytime, if that be the cause of bleeding?

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I doubt that this was cause by pregnancy. It could be due to a little spotting after your period. It could be from "rough" sex, if it be. If could be that you are having a bit of an allergic reaction to the semen which is unusual, but it does surface. If it happens again, you might want to see the doc about what's going on. If it doesn't surface again, you might want to ask your doc about it the next time you turn in. If you haven't talked to the doc more or less the burning from contact, let him or her know. If you don't start your period in good time, wait a day or two, depending on how regular you are, and do a examination. In the mean time, don't sweat it!

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