Pregnancy symptoms on the depo shot?

This is my first time taking the depo shot. I have been on it for a month immediately and ever since then have be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Is it just my mind or can it be a real pregnancy?

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This is my 2nd time on the shot. The first time I didnt experience any side effects at adjectives, my period even totally stopped. This time around, I have have light bleeding the whole time up until 3 days ago...and I own had all the impulsive pregnancy symptoms but breast tenderness (i guess this is due to the fact that i dont experience that when im pregnant). I'm approaching you askin myself is it a mental thing, or can I actually be best warning to you is get a home pt and also go to the doc. I'm gonna follow my suggestion and do the same.

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It is NOT likely that you are pregnant on the Depo Provera shot.

Since you did not account the actual symptoms that you are experiencing that you attribute to the shot, you should know that Depo Provera does have a number of side-effects.

What you can do contained by the meantime, is to stop guessing and trot over to the drugstore and pick up a home pregnancy test to be absolutely sure.

Then, spawn a call to your OB/GYN and let her know what's going on. He/She won't be capable of do anything to relieve the symptoms of the shot -- it has to run its course through your system. Once it's out of your system, the side-effects will stop and your cycle should return to normal inside 2-3 cycles after that.

Likely, your doctor will prescribe The Pill once you are off of the Depo.

Good luck and feel better.

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