Pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant?

A little over two weeks ago I started getting cramps like I was getting my interval... which I had just have about two weeks prior to that. This was followed by constipation, nausea, and occasional heartburn. I be also feeling exhausted and running a very low restlessness. Well, I went to the doc and he just told me to bear Miralax, which I did and that one problem is fine now, but the nausea and fatigue are still there - especially within the morning I feel sick, but always after I get through. I seriously thought I was pregnant because I started noticing change in my breasts, but Monday I got my time and went to the doctor again who did a blood test which be negative. I don't believe that I am pregnant, but what is going on with my body? The doctor I saw Monday said it could be because I go off the pill in March? Would it bear that long and why would it cause this? I haven't been beneath any stress or changed my diet or supplements or anything. The doc is confused because it happened all of a sudden. What could it be?

Answers:    Maybe you only just caught a bug or something? If the blood test said you are not pregnant, then you aren't. If you also get your period, you aren't. So just hang about to see if it goes away and if it doesn't, visit a different doctor!

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