Pregnancy Symptom Help?

I had an irregular, but heavy interval two weeks after my normal period.

Two hot flashes contained by past week.

Strange tugging feeling contained by what feels like right ovary.

My extent is usually on the 22nd and varies just a bit bit. I got my period on the 22nd of March, have intercourse a week after. One week after intercourse, about the fifth of April, I had what I thought be a rather heavy length. One week after, I had intercourse again and now I'm merely kinda waiting.

I've had two or three headaches that didn't ultimate anymore than an hour.

So anyone have an idea please? Yes I'm taking a question paper soon, just wanted a couple opinion.

White Pants? Do they really niggardly that a girl like anal?

Any spotting or bleeding between periods is called breakthrough bleeding. If you miss your subsequent regular period, take a pregnancy audition.

How do i remove the tuna grease smell from my fingers?

Girl request for information...?
I am feminine 33, What is this intermittent shooting misery at the rear my right breast? I am abt 36 small D.?
About tampons...?
  • How much should I weigh?
  • My friends daughter is 14 yrs older.?

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