Pregnancy / smoking examine.?

ok first off i dont want the standered "think of the baby" and "try carrot sticks"

i do muse of the baby and ive tried carrot sticks.

i am about 8 weeks pregnant and i own cut my smoking from about a pack a day to just about 6 a day. my counsler at WIC told me not to quit cold turkey because it could send the child into shock and kill it.

im looking for tips to continue adjectives back to the point of not smoking at all.

any information would assistance

i cant use the patch because im alergic to the adhesive. i was also on the "quit smoking pill" and i lost channel too much weight because i couldent eat anything and hold on to it down. those were years ago though.

please help!

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I am a smoker, and a pregnant one. You hold done the right thing by cutting rear. I smoke 5-7 a day. Down from 1 1/2 packs a time. My first 2 are big and healthy, and my dr says this one will be only as big. So just continue what you're doing.

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My son have Athsma now , prob thanks to me smoking untimely in pregnancy.
For me , Walks , Distractions, Playing Card games inside of the house, Getting a Job , being influential is what cured me cold turkey .
Good luck , It sounds like you mean economically :)

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I say you are doing good.. of late keep cutting wager on as much as you can... i have no advice never be a smoker good luck

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