Pregnancy signs but not pregnant?

Ok so i've never been regular with my time, in fact if I acquire it 5 times a year that's a good year. i've been to the doctor and they're too sluggish to actually do anything to figure it out so i've given up chitchat to them. Yes i'm talking my GD, my OBGYN, and a few second opinons. They all freshly say "meh, probably nothing" and move on. Grr, anyways, So i havn't have my period in 3 months. I'm not sexually alive but lately for the past week or so i'm getting nausea, heartburn, i'm peeing every hour it seems, i'm attainment weight but not eating more than fact i've cut down, my mood swings are insane and i've have some people tell me i own a "glow". My breasts are getting larger and my memory is shot to hell.

has this happened to anyone else? I've taken some preggie pops and they seem to be to help the sick feeling but I know I cant be pregnant.

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It could patently be something serious and would require a full workup to get to the bottom of the complex array of symptoms you are reporting. I would change doctors if they brush you past its sell-by date. I am not saying it is this, but I'm thinking it could possibly be a pituitary tumor (e.g., prolactinoma, Cushing's) or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

I would approaching to know what this is doing to my body please?

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