Pregnancy possibility? or something else...involve give a hand?

girlfriend just took a then adjectives of a sudden a whitish/yellowish discharge came out no real scent or nething and NO ITS NOT FROM HER BOYFRIEND lol--
she might be pregnant so could it b an untimely symptom of that?

would it be that...or could it be the symptom of something else--

thanks for the help

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Well it is discharge but still to soon on the other hand to see if she's pregnant like I said you wont know until next month for sure. But nearby is normally an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. But if it looks similar to cottage cheese it could be a yeast infection. Just keep an eye and watch for anything not usual. Good luck

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"Dear Iris,
I am 14 years old and I just started my time about 4 months ago and when I go use the bathroom at hand is white crusty stuff on my panties or I am wet down there! Help!

Dear Sara,
It is usual to get a daily vaginal discharge. It begin a year or so before you start to menstruate and lasts for most of your fully developed life. Some days during your cycle the discharge is wet and liquidy, other days it is gluey and rope-like. If you don't like the way it feel or you want to protect your undies, you might want to wear an Always Pantiliner each day. The pantiliner will engage the vaginal discharge and help you feel fresh and dry.

Good Luck, Iris, for, brought to you by Always pad & pantiliners and Tampax tampons"

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