Pregnancy have vanished my body contained by a mess?

I am 21 and since have my son 7 months ago, my boobs are really saggy, i certainly enjoy to wear a bra or they are on my stomach, my stomach is ravaged by stretchmarks, my stomach is so saggy and is not looking like its going spinal column, i have varicose veins and stretch results on legs, b4 this i was slim, perfect and immediately I'm fat and an ugly mess, i wouldn't loose change it cause i love my son dearly but it still makes me surface bad.

Answers:    I feel exactly alike. I am 23 and have got two children, resembling you I was slim and toned before pregnancy and presently my body is totally ruined :( My stomach is all saggy flabby and covered in stretchmarkss, my boobs are really saggy, and I also hold stretchmarks on my hips, thighs, backs of legs, and chest.
It really gets me down sometimes especially as I know its at hand to stay and some of the people I know have get back into their size 8 jeans after 3 weeks without a stretchmark surrounded by sight!.
Heya Illusion,
I know someone that has be effected by pregnancy just close to your describing and it is totally natural. First of all you are not margarine and you are not an ugly mess your a beautiful women dont ever surmise bad of yourself. It will make you quality bad it is only pure but try and not let it get you down be proud of your body and who you are yer so wat your boobs may be saggy but your still the entity inside that you always was, nil will ever change that be proud!.
May i suggest having a word near a close friend about how you are feeling it is alot to jump through on your own it would really help if you shared how your feeling near someone. But your beautiful just remember its not give or take a few the person on the outside its the person on the inside that counts!.
Hope i help and take care
your body still wants time to get back into shape, provide it a few more months and you will see it will get a bit better...
i know its hard to fit it surrounded by but do exercise when you can to help get the firmness stern, maybe talk walk with your baby within the pram, that way you can spend time with your infant and get fit at the same time..
in that are lots of creams out there for stretch marks in a minute, so maybe try a few and see which works for you. if you are worried about your varicose vein then maybe see your doctor in the region of them and they can advise you on what can be done for them...
keep your chin up and be delighted.
Yeah I have 2 kids and my body is exactly as you described. I went to my doctor 2 years ago in the region of my varicose veins. He referred me to a vascular surgeon who operated and presently my legs look great. The rest of me is a mess but my legs look great! :) It was on the NHS so I suggest you go to your doc. Its one smaller number thing to feel self conscious roughly speaking! Good luck! I haven't got any children but this is one of my fears, and it's quite upsetting when general public, including health professionals and the older contemporaries don't take these things as seriously as new mothers/young women. Go to see the nurse in the order of getting back into shape and she should also be able to facilitate you plan a diet fort free! if you have the monet get yourself down to a gym a couple of times a week, if, start walking! It will take time for your body to recover, pilfer care. x.
Welcome to Motherhood!
Your little boy was worth adjectives of it!
We can't all be like the stars,but it make you sick when people like Jordan and Myleene go and get their beautiful body back after childbirth ,doesn't it?

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