Pregnancy/ birth control pill?

Pregnancy/ birth control pill?
I had my last interval on March 17th and it lasted 7 days. I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and I missed the 3rd white pill because it fell down the drain. I didnt "double" up on dosages cause it fell down the drain and I would mess up the cycle. I wait 5 days then had unprotected sex. What is the break that I am pregnant? And what would be the day that I would be the most able to bring back pregnant? Can any professionals or nurses,etc. answer this question please?

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If you miss a dose of a birth control you should take it as soon as possible. You should've taken another pill and kept going to the 21st tablet after got a refill and took a tablet from the untried cycle of pills. But the fact that you missed only one dose might not be significant. across the world if you miss 2 doses then the birth control will not work and a brand new cycle should be started. Your probability that the birth control became ineffective is very slim. A woman is most fertile on the 14th morning after the start of her period. You had sex on the 12th light of day. Don't worry too much.

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just see your doctor

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