Pregnancy and robustness???

hi all i recently found out im pregnant 10 weeks after a m/c. when i have my m/c i had to stay overnight in hospital as my heart rate be triple what it should be, today my doctor wants me to go for an ecg as its indistinguishable and some bloodwork. what would they be looking for??? i am obv worried about m/c again but i take liberium at the mo to stillness me.
confused 20yr old

Answers:    Best thing is to address to your doctor and stress your concerns to him or her. I don't know what Liberium is, looked it up in my drug resource but you might be spelling it wrong. I'm assuming that it's for anxiety.
Those drugs are usually not given to pregnant woman, although some newer drugs are sometime given to help unruffled early contractions.
LIke I said before, parley to your Doc or Nurse practitioner. They will be able to help you.

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