Pregnancy and Mirena?

My last period be on July 2 and I had Mirena put in on July 3. Everything go well, I had cramping that light of day and a little the next. Since consequently everything has been great. No bleeding, no cramping, nought. Well, I was supposed to have my term last week but nothing. Still nought today. Yesterday I started feeling extremely tired and slightly dizzy when standing still for too long and then ultimate night the nausea started and hasn't stopped. I just just this minute got married on the 12th, so the honeymoon was the week I would enjoy been ovulating. I can't feel the strings anymore. Any suggestion? Could I be pregnant? I have a dr appt next week near the OB GYN to make sure everything is ok. Should I just hang around til then or go on in a minute?

Answers:    You're probably just feeling the effects of the Mirena, and that's why you're not getting your spell.

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