When you're pregnant, and your nipples/boobs are sore...
does it only hurt when you touch them, or just surrounded by general?
When you're pregnant, and your abdominals hurt, is it lower stomach, or closer to your ribs, or stomach in nonspecific?

I missed my period, it's late by a week, and I enjoy sore nipples, only when I touch them, and my abs have hurt for 3 days, but my mom said it might be because I be doing chin ups for an hour...

When the condom broke, he didn't ejaculate and 25 mins after I took both Plan B pills, I've heard that Plan B makes your time of year late, but it's been a week and I own those symptoms?
I have no money for a test so don't influence take a test.
Any concept as to what's up?

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Hi there,

If you took Plan B, you're not PG. Taking Plan B can screw up your hormones a bit, which can not solitary account for your late time, but an increase in PMS-like symptoms, such as sore breasts.

Generally, when you're only 3 weeks PG you wouldn't hold a sore belly/abs, but your breasts might hurt.

But don't worry, I really don't think you're PG.

I know it stinks when your body act different and it can make you crazy when it doesn't behave the way it generally does. So I understand your fears. But if you took Plan B, the most likely explanation is that it changed your hormones a bit this cycle.

Good luck!

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