Possible Endometriosis?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years. I am 21 and enjoy very irregular periods and PCOS. I sometimes travel 4 or 5 months with out having a time. For the last couple months I have gotten a term every month. I am not on any kind of medication for the PCOS to regulate me because my DR says that I am babyish and she wants to make sure we do the best entry for me. I dont think my age really matters but anyways. For the finishing couple months when I have gotten my period I enjoy had these horrible cramps. They are so bad that I cant stroll or move. All I can do is lay in bed and cry. I have have tons of pelvic and vaginal sonograms. Wouldnt this show up on the scan? My last vaginal sonogram was contained by June and she said that everything was fine and that I was in truth ovulating when I went. Is that a sign off endometroisis? I'm really worried and starting to think that maybe I cant enjoy kids. My husband has had his sperm count checked and everything is fine. So the problem is beside me =[ .

Answers:    It sounds like you could very economically have endo based on your symptoms. However, you cannot know for sure until you own a laparoscopy done.

I was suffering the same symptoms as you are describing throughout my entire cycle, although my period were so intense and painful that I could only just get out of bed. I have have very heavy bleeding and also the dull pain that feels like someone is stabbing me beside a knife around my ovaries. I also experience pain near intercourse, pain with urination, agony with bowel movements, had lower rear pain and fatigue.

I had heaps tests done, which included ultrasounds, CT-scan, blood tests, swabs, papsmears, X-rays etc, for months (almost a year) and adjectives of those tests came put a bet on "normal" and didn't show anything. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis finishing year when I had a laparoscopy done.

If you do in reality have endo then your best tablets is research. You have to be well informed and be proactive surrounded by your treatment process. I have done a lot of research over the recent past few months and have talked to frequent women who were told they "may" have endo or that they do enjoy endo.

Until you have the laparoscopy done and your gyno says for sure that you do hold endo, don't get too concerned yet and don't drive yourself crazy worrying more or less it. You could have another gynaecological problem all together, which could be the PCOS or something else i.e. far more treatable like an ovarian cyst as ovarian cysts can sometimes be missed even with ultrasound, especially if a sonography technician is not experienced adequate to know about ovarian cysts and sometimes ovarian cysts can’t be seen on ultrasound due to their location at the rear the ovary for example.

There is no cure for endo and the only major medical treatments treat the symptoms itself not the disease. In other words affliction management through drugs etc or surgery to burn/excise the endo implants.

The first point I would recommend you do is to consult with your doctor/gyn about your option to have the laparoscopy or to find a gynaecologist/specialist that knows profusely about and has abundantly of experience with diagnosing and treating women with endometriosis. You may want to trade name a list of questions you enjoy that you can discuss with him/her when you see them (have a look for some example questions at the following site:


Underneath is a intermingle to some websites where you can find some great information:

http://adam.roughly speaking.com/reports/000074_3.h...

I hope this helped you somewhat. If you have any further question you can email me direct, the link to my email is in my profile.

Good luck. :).
It unquestionably could be...I have endo and it never shows on a scan. It can only be diagnosed through a knees surgery. I have tremendous pain and not only with periods. You should markedly ask your doctor about endo and if you are not satisfied near her response get another opinion. Not every doctor know what they need to know about endo. Hope this help... Possible you have endo but how long have you be trying? You need to give yourself at smallest 12 months of trying when your periods are regular before worrying...Believe me the more you verbs and try the harder it is.I always take over 12 mths to drop pregnant and I have endo...relax.
Since you have already be diagnosed with PCOS, then your difficulties are probably related to PCOS. Especially considering that they did not pick up surrounded by any other difficulties during your last scan. I have PCOS as powerfully, and painful cramps is a symptom. The good report is that you are ovulating. That is a great sign! Relax and take a breath. Many, many women beside PCOS conceive naturally. Things may not be as bad as you chew over.

Has your doctor spoken to you about your diet? The reason that I ask is that PCOS is related to insulin resistance, which is a fault in how your body metabolizes sugar. It can lead to complex than normal insulin and blood sugar, which in turn make the symptoms of PCOS worse. Have you been consuming a lot of sugar and/or processed carbs (things made beside flour, chips, white rice etc)? Limiting these things in your diet and following a low carb diet is often prescribed for PCOS and can restore to health a lot of your symptoms. I know women who conceived eating low carb. In certainty, one of my good friends with PCOS conceived adjectives of her children while low carbing.

Check out this website: www.soulcysters.com
It is a PCOS site with tons of info. There is a huge section devoted to nutrition.
Well, the certainty that you are getting your period every month is a good article, I'm sure your doctor told you that. I honestly wouldn't freak out yet because your periods own only been regular for a few months and that mode that you have had a high chance of getting pregnant but only for those few months (but still perchance less than a normal woman). It can embezzle a long time to get pregnant even if you don't have PCOS. I know that my doctor did test and told me that I am fine fertility-wise, so I am sure that your doctor would tell you if there be problems there. Just because it takes longer doesn't be going to it wont happen.
I think you should a short time ago keep trying and don't worry until it have been at least 6 more months, within fact, don't even worry consequently because it can take a long long time. Maybe just shift to a specialist in 6 months if nothing have happened. Also, I hate dislike hate to say this (because I hear it adjectives the time, and I hate hearing it) but stress make things much more difficult. I know that when I hear people say that it upsets me because it's almost resembling someone yelling "CLAM DOWN" like it is supposed to clam you down. But, that said, it sounds close to you aren't in bad shape at adjectives, so that should help you de-stress.
When I first found out I had PCOS I read alot of blogs roughly speaking it and there were a bunch of women who have been trying for 2-3 years before getting pregnant. They talk about how sometimes it just take longer when you have PCOS, and they had also talk alot about how the doctors confirmed that it would most likely lift longer.You can always go to another doctor if you want another view in the future.
I newly think that it doesn't sound at adjectives like you cant get pregnant, so I hope that will assistance you feel at least for a moment better :)

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