PMS, PMDD or Early Pregnancy?

I'm starting to get frustrated and have a ask. Usually, a week - sometimes two before AF is due to arrive I started going through some pretty tough changes...sore breasts, nausea, headache, change in appetite (usually no appetite at all), extreme fatigue etc.this month, I'm have cramps too that started the day after I would have ovulated. I'm due on the 20th. My breasts hurt so discouraging I couldn't even wear a bra, the cramps are very noticible, I'm light head, no appetite, in the worst mood ever and just plain feed up. What do my symptoms sound like to you? Please don't recount me to wait for AF and then theory test or go to the Dr..I know that. I just want to hear what your experiences are..I own been pregnant before and in that is no difference between early PG & AF for me. Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Sounds like mild to moderate PMDD to me or at least possible severe PMS.
Are you on any kind of birth control? If so, check with a doctor to perchance switch you to a different kind. If not, there are some birth control pills out within that can really help with these symptoms.

I know you don't want to hear folks telling you to go to the doctor, but if you do own PMDD, it can be severe enough that you will need treatment such as hormonal psychotherapy, anti-depressants.

Try to lower stress levels (easier said than done), get lots of rest, devour well, and try to get some exercise. You may not grain like moving much but you'd be surprised at how much better you may feel after a angelic sweat. Exercise increases the level of endorphins which make you consistency happier, and in my case, can really give a hand with cramp pain.

With PMDD the symptoms can subside or disappear entirely in the first day or two of your period. If they don't you should really see a doctor.

Oh and I've hear great things about Yaz Birth Control pills. They are one of the few that actually lend a hand with the emotional side of PMS not merely the physical.

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Sounds like your just going through some hormonal change honey. I've recently been going through like thing and didn't know what it was, I talk to my doctor about it and she put me on zoloft and birth control and I have to speak that it really did make a huge difference! the zoloft can help you near pmdd and the mood swings (that's what it claims on the website) and the birth control can help with adjectives your other symptoms. I did some research on it myself before i went to the i'd recommend you do like.

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