PMS or Ovulation Cramps?

Had d&C on march 28, it's been almost four weeks
I bleed for roughly speaking 9 or 10 days after procedure
my levels are back down to regular
since wed i've had cramps,headaches,lower posterior aches
Is this my period coming or could this possibly be ovulation cramps?? i've also have the white discharge too

no rude answers and honest ones please!

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Sounds like you have both. I take cramps a couple days before my period along beside PMS... Sounds to me like you period is almost to start. White-Clear discharge before or right around your period manner that your ovulating.

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It's probably PMS. The only reason I reflect this is because most women do not experience cramps when they ovulate (although I am one of the few who do). Otherwise, there is really no easy approach to tell.

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it sounds like ovulation to me - i also acquire cramps and discharge look out 10-14 days your period will come. go to your doctor if you enjoy any worries

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