PMS mood swings..?

Let me preface this by saying that my period is due contained by less than a week and I've had central physical symptoms in the past, but not so much the passionate stuff. Anyways, I was shopping today...tried on a couple of shirts/sweaters that I didn't like. I be perfectly happy when I moved out the store but about five minutes later I have the overwhelming urge to burst into tears. I'm not that kind of girl...I know it's hormones, but still!

Does stuff like this transpire to y'all? How do you "get over yourself" so to speak?


Answers:    God yes. At first I thought that I was immune to mood swings close to that because it's just not me to cry in front of others.

Man, the afternoon before I find that at least one stupid, insignificant entity makes me have a total break down. It feel like real agony at the time so I own no clue how to avoid it =/

Usually, it's because I jumped on the scale that morning merely to find that I magically gained 4 pounds. It's always water-weight and bloating within the end, but GOSH.

Only good entry about periods is that once they're over, you surface rocking. Hope that helped! =] .
oh yes, this comes with the kingdom sweetie. It happens to the best of us, just be undemanding on yourself when it's around that time of the month. Found something just for ya!

Hope that helps!.
yep , adjectives part of being a woman , men don't follow it and we sometimes can't explain it either .I just try to fine me some alone noiseless time.

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