PMS (headaches and forgetfulness)?

It feels like I own a headache 24/7 the week before my period...they aren't horrible (I do occasionally enjoy migraines, but they usually aren't linked to PMS/my period), they're just irritating and product me snippy (which is probably just PMS emotion contained by me, lol). Any other women out there have this problem?

Also, I be wondering if any other women out there get really forgetful during PMS? I've a moment ago started noticing this in myself, oh the cheeriness.

Answers:    yep that happens to me all the time ... or at lowest i think it does i forgot lol jk yeah i have headache a get like migraines or i return with like throw up sick onthe first day of my interval every month its AWFUL i hate it any girl out there who hasn't started however i hope and pray for you you don't get it as bad as me and i'm just 14! .
headaches and migraines are linked to pms,,,abundant women suffer at that time of the month with them,,

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