PMS emotion....?

I feel crappy and I've been super sensitive and violent. Yesterday I almost had a bawl-fest because a sweater didn't fit right. All I really want to do is throw myself a pity party (which 1. make it clear that I'm being ridiculous, ha, and 2. I don't have time to do--I'm packing to move final to school). I know it's just hormones, but still--I'm not that kind of girl!

Does stuff resembling this happen to y'all? How do you "get over yourself" so to speak?


Answers:    Aww its ok... Every woman on the facade of the earth gets the whiny, crying,achy, bloated, and incredibly bitchy.

Just... chomp through some chocolate and watch movies. :) Everything will be ok.

Just word of the wise, if you're one mean.. stay secluded. You wouldn't want to read aloud something or do something you'd regret after the monster of evil leaves :) .
Wow, this is exactly what happens 2 me.What I do is drink 2 midols, put on some comfortable clothes, and lay in bed and study some t.v.You can also try taking a nice, long shower.And when you feel like crying, do it.Just jump in to your room and cry.It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it helps.After you agree to out all your emotions it really does create you feel better..Well I hope these tips help you! ahh thats everyday. i once cried because i dropped a clothes hanger. try to relax, maybe watch a movie or put on music..
Toss down 2 Maximum strenght Pamprin and drink a nice towering glass of iced tea! I take a tub or very long shower with a cup of wine.

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