PMS at home cures - I call for direct nouns!

I have a big, important set of undertaking interviews and cocktail parties - 13 interviews in 2 days, plus 9 hours of cocktail party, Mon-Tues. What arrives today? Horrible PMS.

I've taken advils. I've tried a hot bath. Any suggestions on how to relieve the pain/nausea, even slight?

Answers:    if its cramps, eat bananas. if your moody, devour chocolate. otherwise, jst relax with some music BY YOURSELF. give you some "you" time and jst relax. swing in there sunshine..
i own good ideas for cramps..

~stay away from sour food
~keep foot warm
~invest in a cheap heat pack at a drug store. (there are also heating pads that stick to you underneath your clothes and it doesnt show, you can get em at a drug store, usually in the portion with the icy hot muscle packs and stuff)
~take midol instead of advil and tylenol and stuff
~drink heat up fluids like tea and stuff
~take hot baths

hope all this help.

also drink a lil dark soda wit caffiene to kill the nausea but usually midol have caffiene in it to knock ot ALL your symptoms
Bananas work very very well. Also, drink lots of water and try to decrease your brackish intake. Mild exercise also works well. Also, if you have a heat pad that works well because it relaxes the muscles contained by your ovaries and uterus so your pain will decrease. I started taking this pill call femMed hormonal balancer a few months ago (its all natural ingredients and have no side effects) and that month I experienced no pms. I haven't felt any since. here it is here...try to get it. its worth it!
Bananas i a moment ago had one and it helped ! i couldn't believe that the torment went away. take midol because sometimes advil make you bleed more. for pms try writing things down, try walking a little and calm down its going to be ok. and hold fun. i hope i helped :] im sorry but can you please help me;... Buy Midol isolating outings. Avoid caffeine. Avoid carbonated beverages. Possibly stir in 1/2 tspn of baking soda to a 10 oz water of cup. Drink it down to settle the stomach. Read instructions on the box. Tai-Chi! Slow movements. .
Advil, lots of water, and a long walk. Also, avoid profusely of salt.

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