Please offer me some counsel...?

ok long story short i had my last bcpill pack within march 08 and had a run of the mill period everything went as expected. april, may and june i have no period, and no symptoms of a period.. zilch. my obgyn put me on provera to induce it and it worked. that was the 2nd week in july. it is in a minute 40 days since my last period and im purely wondering if i should worry. not about pregnancy cuz hubby uses condoms, but should i verbs if i have a problem with my length and reproductive organs. everything ive read says it can take up to 6 months to regulate and im getting close to that.

please answer and bestow me some advice. before when ive posted on here solely 1 or 2 people would answer.

Thank you in finance!

Answers:    First of all, condoms are only 96% impressive. Secondly, you should ask your doc again because this could be serious. Also, what kind of bc were you on because my loestrin 24 make my periods come less regularly and even when I stopped it, I didn't have a period for 3 months but my doc said that happen sometimes, Like a residual effect of the pill.

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