Period and Pregnancy

Hi ok my husband and I are trying for a baby we have be for 11 months we have been have sex alot lately I had my period finishing on July 18th and ended it on july 25th we had sex on the 26th, 31st consequently again on August 1st 3rd and 5th anyway I have been foreboding really sick lately like for the past couple of weeks and usually my breast stop hurting after I stop my extent but they havent stopped and its 12 days after my period and I have be really tired so my question is could I be pregnant and still have have that last period or could I be fear symptoms already this early on I still have 12 days until my subsequent period so I cant test for a while appreciation and please I need alot of answers thanks : )

Answers:    hang around one week then take a trial. There are ones that say you can use them 5 days before your missed time of year. I would just keep trying. Good luck and I hope you are pregnant in a minute or get that way soon. .
okay if ur having sex its very possible u could own a baby!
i hope u have one

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