PCOS - Unwanted Hair?

Ive been told because of my PCOS i have more curls in places i dont want.. i have white hair growing on my face (not very noticable but i can quality it and i dont like it), little hairs on the breast, stomach and thighs,

please dont construct fun of me its not a joke, its embarressing and i want it to go away
Is near anything to take for it? should i wax? what should i do?
Please help, thankfulness.

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You have tons of options:

Obviously you can shave, wax or pluck. (Although I don't recommend shaving... hackle will feel thicker and may even get darker).

For long permanent status results, you could consider laser hair removal or electrolysis. Laser hair removal probably won't work unless your spike is dark (so, it probably won't work for your face). These treatments are expensive, but give more undying results.

There's also a new product from Sephora called the No!No! which claims to diminish hair growth by up to 64%. This costs $250. You can't use it on your face, but it might be a upright option for your body hair. http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jh...

You also own chemical/prescription options. There's a cream called Vaniqa which can muffle facial hair growth, but you need a prescription: http://www.vaniqa.com/

Also, some birth control pills are anti-androgenic (i.e. Yaz, Yasmin, Diane) and long possession use can prevent or lessen hair growth in those unwanted areas. Lots of studies are human being done with these birth control pills for people contained by exactly your situation.

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There is a prescription cream called Emla that can help fall hair growth, but it only works while you're using it (if you stop using it the spike will grow back).
I did laser hair removal on my neck and chin, probably around 10 treatments over 2 years, but the hair on my chin is coming back. You can do electrolysis for the facial pelt. I actually had the laser fuzz removal people zap my belly twice and that helped a bit as capably.
Aldactone is a medication that if taken regularly can also help reduce the more "male" effects of PCOS. You can also try birth control pills. Yasmin and Yaz are accurate for PCOS because one of the active chemicals is similar to Aldactone.
You could also use soe facial hair removal kit, you apply some cream, wait a few minutes and then wipe up the cream off. I wouldn't use that anywhere else, though.

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Yes, it DOES happen, lamentably.

I was diagnosed with PCOS within April 2006 and my doctor put me on Glucophage.

I would recommend getting on this medication as it controls blood sugar problems associate with PCOS and will help control your counterweight (with proper diet and exercise). A no sugar diet will help with the shipment (I lost 60 pounds when I stopped eating sugar - back to my run of the mill weight).

How to get rid of the hair?

Shave it past its sell-by date, baby. Or wax, if you prefer.

Don't bleach it, it's still noticeable!

By the mode, I've been shaving the three hairs on my chin for several years and they've stayed equal thickness and everything. Never had a problem next to more or thicker or darker. It's kind of suitcase by case, I believe.

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I was diagnosed 12 yrs ago and this is my best suggestion.

IF the hair on your face are blonde (white) DO NOTHING with them if you start shaving it's possible for it too grow pay for darker and thicker.(personal experience on that one)

If you absolutely CAN NOT stand it. WAXING is the simply way to go. Shaving will most absolutely make the hairs grow stern in thicker and darker. I aspiration someone had told me that years ago, I had to find out the rock-hard way.

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don't panic! I be diagnosed 25yrs ago and I have the same problem. I am currently getting laser coat removal treatments which I have been have on and off for the last 8yrs (more rotten than on). It is a bit pricey but worth it in the long run as it is permanent and works best if you own dark hair and unprejudiced skin. For anyone else it would be a waste of time but that can de determined by the technician.

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You should not wax, if it is not noticeable, I mull over you will be fine. Go to your doctor and see if there is anything they can give you, if it bothers you really bleak. If you wax or shave, the unnoticeable hairs will soon become noticeable and gelatinous. Good Luck =D

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There is a medication, a cream called Vaniqa that is specified to visably reduce the thickness of unwanted facial fleece. You could ask your doctor about that.

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Look its okay, if its not noticable , it doesn't matter don't wax, its a hassle and it will probably grow hindmost darker and thicker yuck. So just go it alone : )

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Laser treatment is the best, bu costly. If you can not afford it, you may try waxing, it is a bit painful.

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Waxing would be a perfect idea. You can get laser treatments to remove the quill permantely.

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