PCOS! Severe cramps! x

Ok so I have PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and I am on the pill loestrin. But lately I have be getting severe cramps, I can hardly moe and Im curled up in agony, and zilch seems to help, this last for a at least 2 days of my period. Also lately I enjoy been getting 2 very brawny periods a month. Could there be something wrong? Would similar to to talk to other people next to PCOS. x

Answers:    Maybe they need to adjust your birth control pills? Or it could be fibroid tumors or endometriosis on top of the PCOS. You might not even know almost these two conditions unless and if they ever do a hysterectomy on you. They can hide easily.

Go to the ER if they seize that bad. Or call your gynecologist on Monday to see if you can receive in for an appointment. They could also give you some narcotic misery meds possibly..
i don't personally have this condition nor know of anyone who have it but i used to listen to the radio show the bbc sugery on a sunday night and i was listen to it one night and remeber a woman called within about this and the advice that be giving to help reduce discomfort is to try and lose weight. Apparently this can really help though it's greatly hard due to your condition as im sure you already know, but yes if you can try and lose wight it may help your dull pain! Also Victoria Beckham has this condition, nothing to do beside your question but i thought it was an intresting certainty! Well good luck and i hope this helps! I would love to give a hand but unfortunatley i dont know if I have pcos..I made a doctors appointment to get it checked out..i hope everything works out until later i would go check with your doctor again it could be something deeply bad...
take midol

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