PCOS or Stress?

I am 25 years old and never really had problems beside my period; they've always be regular. I've never missed one. Ever. But the last time I got it be Feb 19th. I completely missed my period in March. I be really stressed out due to exams at school, family things, and I be traveling. I got really sick and was on antibiotics for a week because of the stress I be under. I figured I lately missed my period because of stress, but its now April 19th and still no time. I went to the doctor and I'm not pregnant. However, she said maybe its PCOS. I did my research, but how could she be sure that it is PCOS by one missed interval? Or is it because I haven't started my period for this month? I'm just confused on what to believe and presently I'm worried. My breasts are really sore, which usually happens to me before getting my interval so I think I should be getting it soon. Would my period be around the 19th since it be in Feb? And could it be that I do have PCOS?

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One missed spell does not equal PCOS. There are several symptoms such as weight gain, excess body and facial hair, acne and irregular or no period. A test of the hormonal levels within your blood or an ultrasound is needed to diagnose PCOS.

Stress can cause a missed period. Wait a month or two to see if your length returns, and take another pregnancy test to rule that out.

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PCOS, aka polycystic ovarian syndrom, have many symptoms, although not all women next to PCOS have all of them. The register of possible symptoms are:

irregular periods
weight gain specifically on the stomach
lean head on hair
mood swings/depression
clear body hair

Many women who have PCOS develop cysts on their ovaries, which is not too death-defying, but they make conceiving children more difficult. They may need to be removed if they become uncomfortable.

One way to diagnose PCOS is to have your hormones tested. Another is to pilfer an ultrasound on the ovaries to see if there are any cysts. But not all PCOSers own cysts on their ovaries.

Anyway, as you can see, there are a lot of symptoms, and if you don't enjoy most of those, and you only missed one period, consequently chances are you don't have PCOS. If you do own a few of those symptoms, you may want to do your own research on the subject, because doctors vary in their knowlege of the subject. There are a few different books available. The website soulcysters.network is also a great resource for many women.

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