PCOS: I reflect on I enjoy it.What do you imagine?

I have asked this question up to that time,but I only got one answer.

I am just about 100 percent sure that I have pcos.I am going to the doctor pretty soon,but I wanted to know what everybody thought.If I do enjoy it,the medicine they put me on,will it effect my weight? Here are my symptoms:

*Over-weight(most of it surrounded by my middle region)
*Havent had my period surrounded by about a year(it hasnt ever been regular)
*Hair sheds constantly
*Lot of spike on my stomach
*Mild acne
*Most the time,I have no energy.

Answers:    It sounds similar to you may have it. I was diagnosed contained by March and my doctor put me on "spironolactone". It helps with shipment, acne and hair in disappointing places. Also, birth control pills will help with mood swings if you enjoy those too.
I was finally diagnosed after I had an ultrasound of my ovaries. That is probably what your doctor will do. They will probably also do bloodwork so they can check your hormone level.
I'll tell you, a lower carb diet helps sooo much near the weight around the middle region. You could possibly have developed an insulin resistance problem from PCOS and that could create the tiredness and weight around your belly.
Good luck at your doctor. A few other conditions mimic PCOS, so I would ask for the ultra sound of your ovaries as a for sure track to tell because they will be covered with cysts. I looks gross though so brace yourself!

Anyway, they will ask give or take a few your menstruation history. My periods were other very erratic. I am also a bit overweight mostly in my hips, lower abs, and thighs. My down also sheds constantly although I have never had a problem beside acne.

The doctor will probably have you take an ultrasound, and put you on birth control. Unfortunately at hand just isnt much that they can do about it nonetheless. I hope your dr explains your pcos to you as well as my dr did.

Good luck!.
i hope you don't have it. pcos is an awful, awful condition and i would never aspiration it upon anybody.
the pills are "supposed" to have an effect on your weight but some inhabitants find it does absolutely nothing (ie me). you nouns like you have closely of the symptoms of pcos but they will probably want to do a few tests (like ultrasounds, blood tests) just to be sure, they'll want to rule out any other conditions approaching cushings disease. they put you on birth control they do blood work they check your weight and their is depression / stress and yes it does effect your weight .they can report to if they do an ultra sound theirs 2 different ways the 2 is what i'm fixing to get done..
I devise i do to i have an appointment Friday to do some test

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