PCOS + down removal? ?

I have hairy arms, but they don't bother me too much because they are greatly light.
I have only just noticed I seem to be getting 'sideburns', which are horrible. I plucked a few finishing week and now I seem to hold more.

I am only 18 and can't yet afford laser surgery so I am thinking of buying one of these:
Are they any biddable?

I have something called PCOS my body produces more testosterone (male hormone) than what a woman lacking PCOS does, which is why I have more hair and some facial hackle, eek!

I'm guessing I have had 'sideburns' for a few months, but I enjoy never noticed them. The other day my mum commented on a mustache I apparently own, the hairs are quite fine so I used the 'threading' fuzz removal method to get rid of them (for now).

Anyone got any guidance as to what method of hair removal I should be using for the facial hair?
I try not to wax because it make my skin really rough and spotty.



Answers:    Hi there hun. Yes i have deal with alot of women who have pcos. This lamentably is the most annoying of the problems, is the excess body and facial hair, however light it isnt really nice for the woman.Many women try waxing which can be painful, but can move out a little sore after a while. If you use a good womens shaving gel or a appropriate soap, shaving has worked for many women i hold seen. A ladies face i once saw after she have shaved was incresible, she had the smoothness of a models skin, and she could well do that in the shower! There are many hormone medication that you can take for the specific problems of pcos aswell hun! Pop to your local doctor and they will be able to give a hand most of the symptoms nearly disappear. So my advice would be use a good cut-throat and some shaving foam. Take care, email me if you need anything else xxx.
Personally, I infer threading IS the best hair removal method for facial hair.

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