PCOS dieting exercise spotting?

I have pcos and I havent had a cycle within over a year, I am also on depo (which I am going to be changing) I recently starting eating better and exercising and I enjoy been spotting for the last couple of days. Is this run of the mill?

Healing time post hystrectomy?

I have been diagnosed w/ PCOS too. When I put away healthy and lose weight it triggers an impulsive period for me. If I gain weight my period get farther apart. I was advise by my holistic practitioner to take chasteberry (in addition to intake well and excersize) to naturally assist regulate hormones. Depo gave me an 8 week period - I am afraid of it and anything else that artificially alters hormones.

Im have bleak interval anguish, ive taken 2 lots of nurofen and panadol but none worked. What else can i look at?

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