PCOS Cyst pains???????????????

anyone with PCOS ever get sharp pains within the ovaries when you sneeze, stretch,twist or when bowel movements?? its not always adjectives the time but sometimes when the above happens.
also i had bloodwork done contained by april for horomones and FSH came back 6.9 and LH 19.5 i have more blood work done 2days ago for more hormones and FSH came back 6.2 and LH 20.2 later i got my ultrasound today and radiologist stated in conclusion Multiple bilateral small follicular cysts contained by the ovaries.

So my questions are have any of you women have PCOS pains similar to mine and also any of you girls with PCOS had theory test results similar to mine aswell.
i am going to specialist in two weeks to get diagnosis but im pretty sure i do own PCOS but i was wondering what other who have experiences construe also!

Answers:    I have PCOS and have pains resembling you! It hurts so bad! Some days the shooting pain drops me to the floor (when I hold the luxury of being at home when they occur) and I curl into a ball and put pressure on my ovary until they turn away. It makes me want to cry sometimes. There are certain months or days when it happen more than others. I assume it is when I have more cysts. I take tylenol on days where on earth I keep having the shooting pains. It help it to be a little more manageable.

I touch for you though! I also have HORRID cramps when I have my time. My doctor gave me some heavy duty discomfort meds that I take when Tylenol isn't cutting it!.
I be never told I had PCOS, but it sounds similar to what happened when I be having pains. I did grow cysts, and I had excruciating spasm, and then they would burst. Mostly it hurt when I had sex...

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