Pap smear positive for HPV?

My doctor's office just call and the nurse told me my pap smear showed that I tested positive for HPV, and to make an appointment in 6 months to own another pap smear done. She didn't tell me anymore information than that and I was sort of surrounded by shock when she told me, so I didn't think to ask any questions. Can anyone give an account me if this has happened to them until that time? I plan on calling the doctor back...are there any question you recommend I ask?

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you have HPV. the vaccine will have no effect on the strain you already hold, but will protect you from the other strains. there is some evidence that the body clears HPV infection on its own, but it may take a while and may not ensue at all. keep getting your paps (so the doctor can monitor the progression of the virus) and USE CONDOMS! you are contagious as long as you hold it, and if you infect your partner, and then clear the infection, he may be able to reinfect you.

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The first entry you need to do is research and understand what HPV is, symptoms,diagnosis, treatment, etc. Then after that if you hold any questions you should call your doctor. I doubt particularly seriously if someone at the office will take the time to totally explain it adjectives to least not thoroughly. They may have some informational brochures...but you can find alike info on the internet.

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HPV is an STD that causes genital warts and cervical cancer. You may never see any signs if genital wart but you will need to have regular paps to clear sure the HPV isn't causing precancerous cells. If it is, the doctor will do a procedure to remove them until that time they turn to cancer.
HPV is very common and in the order of 70% of women get infected weather they realize it or not.

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I've had this appear before. After I tested positive for HPV the doctor told me I needed to have a colposcopy and biopsy(since they found white spots on my cervix). It be nothing big just an inflammation. The doctor recommended I go and get cryosurgery so he can destroy the abnormal cell. But I decided I should wait 6 months so that I can see if my immune system will quarrel it off and get rid of it on its own. But if I still own abnormal cells when I do the pap smear within 6 months then I definitely own to get the cryosurgery. Ask your doc if you need to hold any of the procedures done that I told you about. Good luck!

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