Pain after laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis??

I had a laparoscopy done on Friday night (Endo be found and removed), I am in such pain today after man discharged from the hospital yesterday. I have been told to be in motion back to emergency if the pain does not take better as my surgeon did not care about the aching i was having. Is it average to still have so much pain?. I quality like someone is twisting my insides and my rhs pain is still here which was the whole rationale i had the surgery!.

Answers:    I had a laparoscopy contained by April for Tubal Ligation Reversal/Endometriosis and I know that when I got home 2 days later I feel like I got hit by a bus and it hurt to move, my fiance literally have to help me out of bed! Didn't your doctor give you anguish killers? They should have sent you home beside something. I chose not to take the meds they gave me because they made me nauseaus but they did give them. But I think I hurt so bad because I have the c-section cut too. I would definitely give the doctor a telephone about the pain if it is that doomed to failure, I mean you should'nt have to be contained by that much pain. The thing to remember too is that you only just had surgery, your body needs rest so try not to do too much as overdoing it will plainly make you feel worse.

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