Ovarian and cervical cancer symptoms?

ovarian and cervical cancer runs heavily in my family (grandmother, 2 aunts and mother own all had cancer) I am 25 beside a 4 year old, it's funny beause I work in the med. paddock as a CMA and I know how important healthcare is, yet I'm panicky to death to go see the OB. I enjoy severe cramping for up to a week before I start, I cramp so badly I can't stand up straight! Also when I do start I not quite bleed! As hard as I cramp you would think I would bleed resembling a stuck horse!! Another thing that makes me suspect near is something wrong is the fact that my husband and I have unacquainted any form of birth control since before I got pregnant beside our daughter, it has been close to 6 yrs. and we don't even use comdoms! I honestly do not believe that I can procure pregnant again because of the problems I have been have, we actually tried very complicated about a year ago for almost 6 months to get pregnant again next to no avail. I'm afraid to talk to my mom about symptoms cuz she will verbs.

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Ovarian cancer does not cause many symptoms surrounded by its early stages. This is why most cases are not found until the cancer has spread.4 Most women do own symptoms in the 6 to 12 months before ovarian cancer is found. Symptoms that turn out in later stages are most potential caused by the pressure of the growing cancer. Symptoms include:

Ongoing cramps or pain surrounded by your belly.
Ongoing pain in your pelvis or lower wager on.
Abnormal bleeding from your vagina, especially after menopause if you are not using any hormonal medicines.
Abnormal discharge from your vagina, containing mucus that may be tinged with blood.
Pain or bleeding during sex.
Nausea or loss of appetite, or you cannot guzzle normally.
Ongoing bloating or intestinal gas that is not relieved by home treatment measures.
Bigger belly size or a lump that can be feel in your belly.
Decreased energy height.
A change in your bowel traditions, such as constipation or diarrhea.
A change in your bladder conduct, such as urinary frequency or urgency.
Weight loss.

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