Ouch, cramps..

What should I do to make them go awayy? :/

Answers:    My aunt use to transport a clean cloth and soak it in reheat water, squeeze out the excess, and spread it across my tummy. It didn't make adjectives the pain go away, but it made it much more bearable and I could sleep. Or if you're contained by a situation where you can't get the cloth (like sitting at school), bend over and cross your arms over your tummy. It's not that great, but it should backing..
all those silly breathing techniques you hear going on for in birthing class actually sustain relax your body so your muscles de-tense and considering the uterus is like one giant muscle it actually help.
also ibuprofen will help as will warm drinks, which also assist relax the body.
if they become horribly unbearable you can talk to a doctor and they can provide you a prescription which would be like a stronger Midol.
also starting a birth control pill will help because it regulates hormones and make your period lighter which will help too.
and don't verbs, a lot of birth control prescriptions are not written for that actually cause, but the benefits.
hope this helps and hope you feel better :).
oh my godliness i have the same problem as you right immediately!!

heat up some water on the stove and pour it into a waterbottle, wrap the waterbottle surrounded by a towel, and hold it on your tummy. it helps so much! i'm doing that right now..
put away something, get a bottle of ibuprofen or Motrin, the 200mg ones and take 4 of them to net 800mgs, get a heating wipe and place it over your abdomen and rest! Hope you feel better exercise regularly, dont drink coffee,try crude herbal remedys sold at health food stores. ibuprofen is wicked/harsh on your liver..
either run midol,advil,ibeprofen or pampren they work really good
espically midol or pampren Try some tea and menstrual medication..
bananas Heating pad.
Ice pack.

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