Have anyone ever had an orgasm that felt so devout you started crying? I know it's wierd but i recently experienced this. I wasn't in stomach-ache at all it felt really flawless but as soon as it was over tears were coming down my facade. I was shocked and wondering why it happened, I've never experienced this back. Anybody have any similar stories?

Can YOU !! answer this?? plz?

Hiya Bliss, I am so pleased you enjoyed the experience, and without a doubt your b/f knew what was needed to bring you to the point of no return.
People conduct yourself in different ways to different things, this was your agency of reacting to this special experience, tears of joy.
Be thankful because whilst most guys can achieve orgasm every time, girls are not so lucky.
Enjoy the experience Mike t

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Yeah its happened to me similar to 4 times. I was so moved by the feeling I have, I just had to cry. My boyfriend shed a slit or two too. ha ha we're both silly :)

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I have experienced it once and it was awesome!


yes when i enjoy a really good emotional orgasm i cry consequently start laughing it's weird isn't it

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It happened to my wife once. Did you yell, "You ruined my life," as well?

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No, but depends how you feel on what was on your mind.
maybe it be just Fu*king mind blowing go girl

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Nope sorry x

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raison d`¨ētre this all the time I do

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I've caused pretty a few in my life!

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Oh yea. I enjoy a couple of times, I just can't explain it.. it's just so... ahhhh. :)

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