Orgasm to shift to sleep?

my friend tells me when she i restless, all she does is play near herself then after she has a orgasm she is tired and simply goes to sleep. is this normal?

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Yes.. When a personality achieved orgasm via masturbation, the person will typically have a good rest due to "Exhaustion". Also for your information, it's also a pious remedy as a stress reliever of any kind.

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It releases "happy" chemicals, and it is an overall soothing way of relaxing, and thus sleeping. It's exceptional in the sense that many women won't agree it, but I know plenty of people that do. Give it a try! You'll find it's more soothing than a glass of reheat milk. :)

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Very normal, very lovely, and greatly good for you, too!

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Orgasm is an excellent sleep inducer and stress reliever, for both women and men.

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Normal results of an orgasm.
Not a normal method to go to sleep.

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it works like a charm every time!

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works for guys and girls

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nearby is nothing unmoral about it

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is nearby no other way to sleep better than orgasm by ur self??

btw,,,,it's normal at adjectives

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