Orgasm that hurts..?

i use the barh running water & let it run onto my clit and later when it starts to feel good its similar to my legs lock up & i cant move. then it starts to hurt...

is that normal?

Answers:    I wouldnt reason so... I mean yeah we tense up when we orgasm but my legs own never 'locked up' nor had it hurt.
Id go see a doctor. Good luck :).
If should achieve harden around your vaginal opening. But it should not exact you a great pain. Also, you should be able to move your legs around. If it grain numb, then go and see a doctor. But sometimes because the marine is cold and your body is warm, this could create some muscle tension. But it should not hurt you so impossible.

In addition, muscle tension can appear all over the body when someone masturbate. Both men and women do this...

If it hurts when you masturbate on the bed or somewhere dry (no water running on your body), afterwards you need to see a doctor..
Well tense legs are pretty common. Can't move? Maybe a little but it shouldn't hurt. Maybe your overstimulating yourself. Run the water for a while slower.

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