Orgasm spots?

theres this place on my stomach where if my boyfriend runs his finger along it, its feels strange,and tenses my stomach, butfeels fitting? is taht an orgasm spot? or waht.

Whats a time?

You never mention how old you are, but here is y guess:

Yes it can be a erotic zone and could bring you to orgasm.

Just like if he orals you and kiss his style up to your elbow when he touches you elbow you might get really wet and possibly start on the path to your orgasm.

I hope this helps

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Like Melo said its erogenous zone.

There are plentiful more!

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No, it's an erogenous zone.

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No... Ur probably just ticklish there

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no thats your elmo tickle spot gosh carry it right.

Is this re-peating? Or is it of late a coincidence?

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