Orgasm cross-examine?

ok well i recently started masturbating and i be wondering about my orgasm. ok well it feel really good and i feel resembling it can keep goin but then i start to hurt down nearby and can't continue. do you think if i consistency like i want it more but i cant is the first one a orgasm or just a fitting feelin

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If you had an Orgasm you would know...

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That's completely natural. When I first started after my orgasm it hurt too. I couldn't even close my legs the first time. If you're using a vibrator you may enjoy the setting too high. If you want to have another one after your first one, keep on 10-20min and you should be over the soreness.

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the more u do it, the more u will understand it. experiment with unknown techniques. maybe even goto an developed store and purchase some "equipment", if u r of age to go in one, except i'm sure u can go online and buy one. but word of advice, dont find the hard plastic ones, go for something soft and rainproof ; )

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you will know when you hit orgasm, its the climax. after you orgasm, your clitoris becomes very easier said than done and extremely sensitive, and it might be a little bit uncomfortable to touch. will it 5 minutes then it should un-harden and you can carry on

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The same entity happens to will hurt or ache for a short time bit...what I do is leave the clitoris alone and just rub other areas. close to the lips or folds...then after a while I will stir back. This works for me I have found that when I do this I can come more times.

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in good health. after an orgasm you become really sensitive. the slightest touch will become uncomfortable. thats me though.

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it will hurt if you continue to stimulate yourself after have one. You need to give yourself a few minutes to rest your nerves past doing it again.

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Yes, it is the end of the orgasm. Some girls don't realize it but we *** just close to guys. It should be a milky white liquid.

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Its a good fancy.
Orgasms dont last that long.
But its that good outlook that you're doing it right.

And also use lots of lube.

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Because always orgasm?

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I always articulate this .if you don't know whether you've had one ...then you haven't have one !! Keep trying ...use lots of lube ..and Good luck !

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its just a good consciousness.. keep doing it and you will definately get used to after that on:D


haha, wow! just keep doing it :P

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Try a fitting lube!

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use the bathtub !!

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