Orgasm help/what?

I just saw this question, but near were no real apt answers. What exactly is an orgasm? For boys and girls.

Is it true that every social group pre-teens take their term before and nearer?

Orgasm - the climax of sexual excitement, consisting of intense muscle tightening around the genital area experienced as a pleasurable wave of tingling sensations through parts of the body. - dictionary

For boys, it most other includes ejaculation, but some can have an orgasm without ejaculate.

For girls, it most always does NOT include a female ejaculation. The few that do, 'squirt' adjectives over.

Most women do not have one through sexual intercourse alone, it requires direct manual or oral stimulation to the clitoris.

Signs of an orgasm surrounded by women: increase in blood pressure and pulse rate; breathing quickens; increase surrounded by vaginal lubrication; clitoris becomes erect and exposed; breasts become enlarged, nipples erect; skin flushes, particularly the facade and chest; pelvic muscle spasms, causing vaginal contractions and orgasmic sensations. Could be throbing, tingling, pulsating waves of pleasure.

Female personal ask?

The point where on earth your tensed up body is at its peak(sometimes) then suddenly relaxes this all mortal from sexual stimulation lol

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It is just the very crest of sexual excitement.

Could someone relieve me to be more settle down going on for this?

lol are you serious? if so ask mommy and daddy
if not you seem horny. dance look at some porn. hahaha.

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