Orgasm Help? One More Than the Other? Multiple Questions?

I am 18 years old and sexually active. Sexual intercourse is held lofty in my eyes and I take it amazingly seriously. I am having some issues with clitoral/vaginal (G-Spot) climaxes. All of my time human being active in sex I own never had a g-spot orgasm, only clitoral. In reality, I almost NEVER get any stimulation from penetration. Is this usual? How can I fix this naturally?

Another thing is womanly ejaculation. I've heard every woman is capable of have one, it's just something to be worked at. If this is true, how does this happen? I would love to experience this.

I also enjoy been led to believe that I enjoy some form of hormonal imbalance through self-examination of my different symptoms.. I have libido issues and resorting to birth control have helped, but very little.

I need for semi-professional responses only. Further/private discussions are also allowed, just email this address.

Thank You,

~Kill Pixie

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I regard as that the problem is that not all women have a G-spot or at lowest possible not all have one explicitly particularly sensitive.

I definitely own a G-spot and I regularly have orgasms when I have intercourse. But, I know other women that don't own them and I also know other women that do. If you had a G-spot I think that you would own experienced an intense feeling or orgasm from it by now.

I don't know if you can work on feminine ejaculation. It has only happen to me a few times and it almost always was when someone that be particularly big was essentially pounding me. One time it happened when a bf squeezed an extra finger inside me and was mortal pretty vigorous and I ended up 'ejaculating' afterwards too. But I never have 'worked' at it and I am not sure why I would want to lol.

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